Saturday, May 9, 2009 @ 8:30 PM

The 8th Peripheral Produce Invitational

Also known as the World Championship of Experimental Cinema, The Peripheral Produce Invitational is a rock-em-sock-em battle royale of unclassifiable film oddities. A handful of filmmakers from Portland and beyond will compete in this flickering film showdown in which you, the audience, will decide the winner. Plus, bingo will be called during format changes giving everybody – even you! – a chance to be a winner in this night of spectacular spectacles!

Featuring all new films, videos and category-defying cinematic presentations, the Invitational promises to dazzle and surprise! Last year we witnessed a captivating battle between a gang of fiercely talented competitors. When the smoke cleared, the enchanting Orland Nutt was crowned the new World Champion, dethroning our previous winner (and oldest champ to date!) 92 year-old filmmaker/professional heart-stealer, George Andrus. This year, Orland returns to defend his title against a new band of filmmakers who all have their eyes on the prize.

What will happen this year? Who will walk away with the trophy? Tune in to find out.

Orland Nutt (Portland)

Bryan Boyce (SF)
Cat Tyc (PDX)
Hooliganship (PDX)
Jeanne Liotta (NYC/Boulder)
Katja Straub (Austin)
Leif Petersen (PDX)
Mike Olenick (Columbus, OH)
noteNdo (NYC)
Peggy Ahwesh (NYC)
Roger Beebe (Gainesville, FL)
TM Sisters (Miami)
Vanessa Renwick (PDX)

Join us a couple doors down from the theater at Savoy, where we will feast on some yummy snacks and refreshing beverages as we await the announcement of this year’s Champion of Experimental Cinema!

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